Getting To The Stadium By Bus

Tue 23 Jun 2015
Author: Matt Hudson
The Weston Homes Community Stadium

The Weston Homes Community Stadium

Information on our routes and timetables.

Colchester United's matchday shuttle bus service will continue to run for the coming season at the Weston Homes Community Stadium.

The service has been subsidised by chairman Robbie Cowling since its inception, and the club will continue to subsidise the buses in the coming year, with the price being £2.50 for a return ticket on the service provided in association with First Buses.

The services from the Ancient Briton, Drury Arms and Fat Cat pubs will be on offer once again, all stopping on Head Street at the bus stop adjacent to the Royal Bank of Scotland to collect fans from the town.

The new season will also see the bus stop near to the Victoria Inn, with the buses picking up near HSBC on North Station Road.

There is also an East Colchester bus, which passes by the campus at the University of Essex.

Senior citizens will continue to be able to use the shuttle buses for FREE on presentation of their Essex County Council concessionary pass.

Getting To Bruff Close
In order to get to our Shuttle Bus service, it may be that you need to catch a bus on the Colchester network to reach that part of town.

Alternatively, you may wish to get a bus that gets you into the general vicinity of the stadium and walk the remaining distance!

For the Colchester Network Map, click HERE | For the map of buses that bring you close to the stadium, click HERE

Our Shuttle Bus Service
Details of the timetable are below.


Pre-Game Departures
Ancient Briton 1.30pm (Saturdays) 6.15pm (Mid Week Games)
Drury Arms 1.35pm (Saturdays) 6.20pm (Mid Week Games)
Fat Cat 1.40pm (Saturdays) 6.25pm (Mid Week Games)
Victoria Inn 1.45pm (Saturdays) 6.30pm (MidWeek Games) 

All Pub buses will call at Head Street (at the stop nearest to the Royal Bank of Scotland) after departing the pubs.

East Colchester bus
Colchester Bus Station (on Stanwell St) 1.45pm (3pm kick-off), 6.30pm (7.45pm kick-off)
Old Heath Speedwell Rd 1.57pm (3pm), 6.42pm (7.45pm)
University of Essex Valley Road 2.05pm (3pm), 6.50pm (7.45pm)
Greenstead Library 2.15pm (3pm) 7.00pm (7.45pm)
St.John Estate Shops 2.20pm (3pm) 7.05pm (7.45pm)
Highwoods Approach 2.25pm (3pm) 7.10pm (7.45pm)
Severalls Business Park 2.30pm (3pm) 7.15pm (7.45pm)

Bruff Close 
1:00pm and at regular intervals until 2.45pm (Saturdays)
6pm and at regular intervals until 7.30pm (Mid Week)

2.30pm (Saturdays)
7.15pm (Mid Week)

Post-Game Departures
Return buses leave for the pubs at 5.05pm (Weekend Games) & 10pm (Midweek Games)

Bruff Close 
4:50pm and at regular intervals until 6:00pm (Saturdays)
9.30pm and at regular intervals until 10.15pm (Mid Week)

East Colchester bus
5.15pm (Saturdays)
10pm (Mid Week)

5.15pm (Saturdays)
10pm (Mid Week)

£2.50 return for all bus journeys.

OAPs qualify for free travel only when an Essex County Council Concessionary Pass is presented. No other concessions apply.

• Either walk to Bruff Close or use the normal bus services, to get to and from Bruff Close between 12.30pm and 6.30pm on match days, (between 6pm and 10.30pm for evening games).

• At Bruff Close pick up your Shuttle Service.

Bruff Close is a short walk from North Station forecourt. Walk down Station Approach and turn left to cross Bergholt Road at the crossing. Continue on to Mile End Road and cross it at the crossing just twenty yards up. Bruff Close is directly in front of you with The Big Yellow Warehouse on the right hand side.

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