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Mouth-watering Experiences

Our experienced culinary team at the JobServe Community Stadium are committed to bringing you and your guests the perfect food and drink for your event. It is important to us that we find the right style of dining to fit your experience.

What's on the menu

Looking for food inspiration? Browse menus we’ve created in collaboration with other event organisers – and get a taste for what we can create for you.

Whether you’re inspired by a balanced lunch menu or fancy a gourmet dinner we’ll work to develop a bespoke menu for your event. Naturally, we cater for all tastes and diets.

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Our Approach to Food

Quality food and drink are a vital part of any event plan, ensuring guests stay energised and engaged throughout the day and creating a dynamic environment for your event.

We will work with an extensive list of local suppliers so you are served the freshest of produce.

We have worked with the sports dietitians at Colchester United to develop energy boosting snacks to keep the players going that we can incorporate into your event too so there will be no mid-afternoon slump with us.

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Please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible about how we can help.

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