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Colchester United Football in The Community - Privacy Notice for Processing Manual Data

Colchester United Football in the Community

Who are we?

We are Colchester United Football in the Community (CUFITC). References to “we”, “us” and “our” in this Notice are all references to CUFITC.

Address: JobServe Community Stadium, United Way, Colchester, Essex CO4 5UP

Registered Charity Number: 2705301


What does this Notice cover?

This Notice applies only to personal data collected by CUFITC when a Participant attendance form or work experience form is completed. Where personal data is collected and used for the purposes set out in this Notice CUFITC is a ‘data controller’ under data protection law applicable in the EU (“Data Protection Law”).

This Notice should be read together with any other privacy information which may be provided on specific occasions when personal data is collected by CUFITC. That will ensure data subjects are fully aware of how and why we are using their data.

This Notice supplements any other notices and is not intended to override them. A separate Notice is published on our website at and to cover data collected online.

What personal data do we collect under this Notice and why?

Mostly we collect only the personal data necessary to identify Participants and work experience students, and to help keep them safe and well whilst with us, which is in our, and your, legitimate interest and forms part of your contract with us: this includes name and contact details, medical details, health and safety/child protection information and emergency contact details. We ask for consent to use photographs of Participants to support promotion and publication of our services. To support our aim of inclusion and diversity we also ask for consent to record ethnicity.

How do we collect your personal data?

Participants’ personal data is collected when an attendance form is completed.Work experience students’ personal data is collected by their school and handed manually by students to us.

How do we store your personal data and for how long?

When in use (during activities) Participants’ data from the attendance forms is held by coaches in a paper file. When not in use it is stored in a locked cabinet for the duration of the season in which you are participating. At the end of the season your attendance form data is permanently deleted. Work experience students’ data is scanned and electronically sent to our Human Resource (HR) team. Original hard copies are returned to the student. Copies are held by HR for 7 years before being permanently destroyed.

All data is stored and processed within the EU.

To whom do we provide personal data?

Personal data is provided to CUFITC’s authorised personnel and also shared with our IT partners during electronic transmission and storage. We do not allow our IT providers to share your data other than to comply with applicable laws. For your health or safety, or to comply with any legal obligation, we may share your data with health/medical providers, law enforcement agencies or other government agencies. We may also provide anonymised aggregated data to third parties, for example, to measure trends of where participants live or their ethnic background.

What are your rights?

Under the Data Protection laws you may have the following rights in relation to your personal data in certain circumstances: you can contact us to ask for access or object to use of your data; have your data corrected, erased, transferred or used only in a restricted way; complain to us or to the Information Commissioner (ICO); withdraw consent to use your data. Some rights are available only in limited circumstances. 

Who can you contact for further information about your rights, your data or to make a complaint?

If you have any queries relating to our use of your information, please contact our data protection representative by email at
Colchester United Football in the Community, Aspire House, Tower Business Park, Kelvedon Road, Tiptree
Colchester, Essex, CO5 0LX, United Kingdom


This Notice was last updated on 7.11.19