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Why I'm On Board

13 June 2013

Another fan tells us their tale

Season Ticket sales have started well at the U's, with sales exceeding last year's at this time. 

The U's have been pleased to see so many fans getting on board and the good news is that there are many fans who are either getting a Season Ticket for the first time, or returning after an absence. 

In the latest of our series of fan stories, Rohais Haughton tells us of her love for the U's and why her and her daughter Anna will be in attendance at the Weston Homes Community Stadium this season. 

In the meantime, to take a look at our Season Ticket brochure, click HERE.

Why I'm On Board - Rohais Haughton

 been a U’s fan since I was eleven, which is more years ago than I’d like to admit. My brothers took me to my first game, which was against Wrexham and ended in a 1-1 scoreline – although I got very excited when I thought Steve Dowman had scored the winner with a flying header which went into the side netting.I've

 matter that we hadn't won – I was hooked. With school, university and then various jobs over the years, I was living in different places so never had a season ticket but still attended matches when I could. Although I moved back to the area when I got married, my husband hates football and then the children came along so for a long time I didn't go at all.didn'tIt 

This changed the season we got promoted to the Championship – I had been to a few games the season before and rekindled my love for the game. I decided for the first time to invest in a season ticket, in Terrace 3, and was privileged to watch some cracking matches with an incredible atmosphere.
My daughter Anna’s first football match was actually, I’m ashamed to say, at Portman Road – but only as I’d won a competition for tickets which, not surprisingly, I was unable to give away!! Like a good girl, she silently supported Sheffield Wednesday and we were quite happy to see them win 2-0. 

 wait to see a decent team, so it wasn’t long before I was taking her along to the Family Enclosure at Layer Road. Meanwhile my poor son, Will, had been indoctrinated by his father into hating football and initially refused to go. couldn'tAfter this, she 

For some reason he ended up standing with me in Terrace 3 for that game against Leeds where approaching full time, it looked as if we were heading for defeat but turned it round to win 2-1. Barely minutes into the game, he was converted into a die-hard Col U fan and is now more obsessed with football than anyone else I know.
Moving to the new ground was a huge wrench and it took a while before it felt quite right. We started off with season tickets in the East Stand but have now had two seasons in the South Stand – the view may not be quite so good, but the atmosphere is brilliant. 

 got somebody in charge who really cares about the club and wants to play the right kind of football. we'veSome of the football over the last few years has not been that great, but the moment Joey Dunne came on board something changed. Even when we had that long losing streak nobody lost faith in him – we feel like 

At the end of the day, (had to get that cliché in), football is about entertainment and although of course we want to see our side win, that shouldn’t be at any cost. It is the ‘beautiful game’ after all.
The signing of Eastmond has just added to that anticipation. Roll on August!

 already missing my football – I can’t wait for the new season to start. There was never any question of not renewing our season tickets, even if we had dropped down a league, but now I feel so positive about next year and about the sort of football we are going to enjoy.I'mIt’s only been a handful of weeks since the last match and 

Rohais and Anna Haughton


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