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Coming With Friends?

16 August 2016

Don't forget our Match Credits offer!

Colchester United have always tried to provide innovative and flexible ways for fans to watch their favourite team in action at the best possible price.

From our progressive pricing to the wide range of benefits around a Season Ticket, fans have been spoiled for choice when it comes to booking their spot for U's matches.

The 2016/17 season sees us introduce Match Credits, providing you with another way to get to the Weston Homes Community Stadium and watch the boys in action. 

Match Credits are available to purchase via  in multiples of five games (5, 10, www.colutickets.com25, 50 and 100). These credits are then kept on your account until such time that you decide to redeem them against a game you'd like to attend.

Season Passes and Annual Subscriptions will always represent the best value for can be attending games and prices for these .found HERE

However, the more credits you buy in one transaction, the cheaper they will be and Match Credits will represent a  A 

significant saving on matchday prices.  can be found HEREfull price table, with a cost per credit, . A credit is valid for one seat in a Football League fixture.

Credits can be redeemed via and can be used against the  Credits can be redeemed immediately, unless they are bought on a matchday, where they can then only be redeemed the following day.

game(s) of your choice when you're ready to buy. Disabled concessions must be redeemed at the Ticket Office but can be bought online. 

No – you will only be able to select your seat when you redeem your credit(s) against a particular match. However, you can redeem your credits at a time that suits you and for as many games as you wish at any given time.

Yes! Should you wish to use multiple credits against one fixture, then you are able to do so. Simply select the seats you would like to buy and redeem the relevant number of credits. Furthermore, groups are encouraged to buy credits together to then redeem and attend the games they wish to go to together.

Here are just four ways that you could use your credits:-

Example 1
You know you will attend multiple games in the next year but work and family commitments mean you don’t know until the last minute when it will be so you can never take advantage of buying cheaper, earlier.  Buying a batch of Match Credits allows you to buy at a competitive rate and then convert a credit into a match ticket at the last minute.

Example 2
You attend several games each year in a group but not everyone in the group goes to all of the same games. Buying a batch between the group will make tickets cheaper to purchase and for each game you just convert the number of credits into match tickets that you need to.

Example 3
You run a business and like to mix business with pleasure and invite your customers and potential customers to games. You want to attend all of the games but if you buy a number of season tickets you know that some games are less attractive to your customers than others. Buying Match Credits allows you to invite more customers to the attractive fixtures and yet still come yourself on that cold Tuesday evening in January without wasting any tickets.

Example 4
A large group of you want to attend a game but it’s too late to buy the cheaper Match-day tickets. You can simply buy a large batch of Match Credits at a cheap rate and then go online and convert them into match tickets.

Credits are always available to purchase in the multiples mentioned above. Simply 
follow the instructions to add additional credits to your account.  HOW LONG DO THEY LAST?
Match Credits are valid for twelve months from the point that the first credit is redeemed.

1.All Match credits must be purchased and redeemed online with the exception of disabled concessions which must be redeemed at the Ticket Office. 
 will allow Match Credits to be purchased in batches of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100.) 2. An online facility 

3. Unused Match Credits that are purchased as a batch will remain valid for 12 months from the date that the first credit from that block is redeemed.

4. As long as the credit is redeemed within the valid period, it can be used against any league fixture that is live on the website at the time of redemption. For example, if a credit is redeemed in August a day before it expires, it can then be redeemed against a fixture that is online for the following April.

5. A Match Credit is purchased for Football League fixtures in particular blocks. However, it can also be used to secure a seat at any Football League fixture in any block, so long as the seat is in the same stand and priced the same or cheaper. For example, Match Credits purchased for W3 & W7 can also secure a seat in any other part of the West Stand, apart from W4, W5 & W6, as these blocks are the only 2 blocks in the West Stand that are more expensive.

6. Match Credits will be redeemed automatically whenever a supporter goes online to buy one or more tickets and selects a seat in an area and an age group for which they already hold valid Match Credits. 
7. If a supporter with Adult Match Credits wants to take someone to the game who is a concession, then they will either need to redeem 2 of their Match Credits for adult tickets or redeem 1 Match Credit for an Adult ticket and buy the concession.

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