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What's Best For You?

14 July 2016

Our guide to our new look tickets.

Colchester United's General Manager Tim Waddington has been answering some of the questions we have been receiving about the new ticket options and how fans can decide what option is best for them.

With so many different ways to buy tickets for games this season, with different prices for different parts of the stadium and then different concessions that also affect the price, it can be a bit confusing for fans to determine which method they should use and why that is the best option for them.

Tim explained: "With regards to pricing, the rule of thumb is if you want to sit in a better seat with a better view and/or access to better facilities, then there is a good chance that the cost will be higher.

"If you are a concession or you buy early or you buy our new Match Credits in a bigger batch, then there is every chance that the cost will be lower."

We asked Tim to give us some specific details for each of the options and this is what he told us: "If you are attending more than 18 league home games in the next 12 months, then it is cheaper to buy a Season Ticket and this also gives you free U's Membership.

"There are now two Season Ticket options; the traditional Season Ticket, which we are calling a Season Pass, where you pay the full cost upfront and it provides access to all home league games for a season and the new Annual Subscription which provides access to all home games for exactly a year and the cost is spread over 12 monthly payments.

"The choice between a Seasonal Pass and an Annual Subscription essentially comes down to when you are buying and if you want to spread out your payments."

Going on to discuss the matchday tickets, Tim advised us: "The Early Bird prices are very competitive, but you need to be certain a couple of months in advance of the actual games you will be attending.

"Matchday prices do ramp up as a game gets closer so, if you are buying matchday tickets, then you must remember that the earlier you buy, the cheaper it is."

The new season has also seen us introduce a new Match Credits system, which offer another level of flexibility to fans with busy lives and are something that represents a first for the club as we continue to evolve the offer for supporters.

Tim explained: "The credits are very exciting for us and we are not aware that anyone else is doing anything else like it.

"If you, or a group which includes you, are planning to attend 5 or more games in the next 12 months but you need some flexibility regarding if, when and who will attend matches, then these Match Credits which are bought in batches online are going to be a great option.

"They get converted online to match tickets and remain valid for 12 months from the day the first one is redeemed."

So, looking to understand the full advantages of the Match Credits, we asked Tim to supply us with some examples and below is the information he provided:-

Example One
You know you will attend multiple games in the next year, but work and family commitments mean you don't know until the last minute when it will be, so you can never take advantage of buying cheaper, earlier.  

Buying a batch of Match Credits allows you to buy at a competitive rate and then convert a credit into a match ticket at the last minute.

Example Two
You attend several games each year in a group, but not everyone in the group goes to all of the same games. Buying a batch between the group will make tickets cheaper to purchase and for each game you just convert the number of credits into match tickets that you need to.

Example Three
You run a business and like to mix business with pleasure and invite your customers and potential customers to games. You want to attend all of the games but, if you buy a number of Season Tickets, you know that some games are less attractive to your customers than others.

Buying Match Credits allows you to invite more customers to the attractive fixtures and yet still come yourself on that cold Tuesday evening in January, without wasting any tickets.

Example Four
A large group of you want to attend a game, but it's too late to buy the cheaper matchday tickets.

You can simply buy a large batch of Match Credits at a cheap rate and then go online and convert them into match tickets.

Fair Usage
We want Match Credits to offer our loyal fan base a way to buy cheaper access to games. However, they must not be used to create a reseller option which would seriously undermine the Club finances.

We hope that this gives a better understanding of what's on offer this year as we prepare for an exciting campaign under John and Steve's management. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

To take a further look at this year's packages, visit our Season Ticket section HERE.

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