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U's Issue Reminder

6 May 2017

Fans warned about use of flares and pyrotechnic devices.

Ahead of Saturday's crucial game with Yeovil, the U's would like to remind fans about the rules and regulations around the use of flares and pyrotechnic devices.

U's General Manager Tim Waddington has issued the following statement from the club:-

For the second time this season Colchester United have been required to respond to the FA regarding the unacceptable behaviour of a very small minority of its fans, particularly with reference to the use of smoke canisters at football matches. 

Use of these devices will get you a criminal record and you will be banned from attending matches. It is within the FA's power to fine the club – or worse – if this behaviour is not stopped. 

The possession or use of pyrotechnic devices in or near football grounds is a criminal offence.

Worse still, exposure to smoke can aggravate breathing conditions such as asthma, potentially  requiring medical treatment, and clearly has the potential to cause panic within a crowd. Flares and smoke bombs are still hot enough to start fires long after they have gone out. 

Flares can burn at temperatures of up to 1,600 degrees and have the clear potential for extreme injury. Smoke canisters can also generate heat and have the potential to burn. Smoke can restrict fellow fans' view of the game, affects the players on the pitch and obviously can also disrupt play.  

We've seen fabulous support home and away from our fans, but there is no place for these pyrotechnic devices.  

I urge those few irresponsible fans to respect the values of the club and the safety and enjoyment of fellow supporters. 

The club will work with the authorities and safety and security teams to identify individuals that behave inappropriately and we will take action against them.


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