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U's Seek Schools For Move & Learn Scheme

Project teaches the value of nutrition and exercise

22 November 2017

Colchester United's Football in the Community programme is seeking local schools that would like to participate in this year's + Sport Move & Learn project for Year 5 pupils.

The community scheme, in partnership with the English Football League Trust and Ferrero, is delivering the + Sport Move and Learn Project in local schools.

The + Sport Move and Learn Project is a national school-based educational programme for children aged 9-10 years old, run by football community trusts across the country. It aims to encourage physical activity, promote nutritional education and build awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Over six weeks, Year 5 children will spend 30 minutes completing a practical session on football, handball and dodgeball (2 weeks per sport).

They will then spend 30 minutes in the classroom covering six different topics related to the body, nutrition, the importance of exercise and information about food groups, in line with the recommendations outlined in the Government’s Eatwell Guide.

Player ambassadors from Colchester United Football in the Community will also attend a session and join in the activities with the children.

Ferrero is supporting the project as part of its global Kinder+Sport initiative, which is designed to get children moving. As a pillar of the company’s CSR activity, it is completely separate from any promotional or branded initiatives and children will never see the brand name in schools, nor will they ever receive any product.

Details of the + Sport Move and Learn Project
All of our + Sport Move and Learn Project Sessions should take place in the mornings.

6 x 30 minutes in the classroom
6 x 30 minutes of physical activity

Cost: £1.00 per child per class for a booklet resource (Informative resource/workbook for children to use throughout programme and keep on completion of project.)

Venue: Classroom and hall or outdoor space

Support: One teacher will be required to be present and willing to participate in the sessions

The aims of the Move and Learn Project are for children to:-

• Learn the importance of a healthy, balanced diet
• Learn the importance of activity every day for both physical and emotional well-being.
• Learn the importance of eating in moderate quantities

The learning outcomes of the + Sport Move and Learn Project are:-

• To enable children to understand the importance of exercise in a balanced lifestyle
• To enable children to identify the nutritional components of their diet and recognise the quantities of each that they are eating
• To enable children to identify that food is the fuel that allows the body to function correctly
• To provide maths and literacy activities to support children’s learning
• To provide fun activities that promote health and physical activity in a positive way

If you are interested to be considered for our + Sport Move and Learn Project, please e-mail so we can start putting in place delivery arrangements.

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