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Match Credits: Another Fan Tells Their Story

Could this way of buying tickets work for you?

21 January 2019

Our Match Credits have proven very popular since their initial launch a couple of years ago and fans of all ages have purchased Credits to help them attend on matchdays.

Many of you use Match Credits to guarantee yourself a good price for your seat, so we thought the best people to tell you more about why Credits work for them are the fans themselves.

Next up is Bryn Griffiths, a regular U's fan and host on Colne Radio.

What was it that attracted you to purchase Match Credits?
I am part of a group of people who like to attend matches and sit together. Some of us go to most matches others can only make the occasional match.  

Since we left Layer Road none of us have ever bought a Season Ticket because we want to sit together. To add to the complications we rarely finalise who’s going until matchday. I understand you can move Season Ticket seats around with some notice but if any of us ever bought a Season Ticket, we’d want to move around for every match on a Saturday morning for it to work for our group!

The Match Credits system is fantastic as everyone can buy the number of tickets they want, benefit from the excellent ticket price reductions by buying bulk and decide which matches to attend at the last possible minute.  You can even spread the ticket use over a year meaning as soon as we run out we make another bulk purchase without the worry of being left with unused tickets come May.

As a result of the Match Credit scheme I’m sure we’ve bought many more tickets then we would ever have done without it.

How many Credits do you usually buy in one go?
As many as we possibly can to get the best possible reduction. As close to 50 as we can.

Do you purchase them just for yourself, or do you share them with friends and, if so, how does that work for you?
The tickets are for our whole group, their families and friends who come to visit.  If someone expresses an interest we sometimes let them buy one our cheap tickets off us to encourage them to come.  We’ve tempted a few Tractor Boys to become Col U regulars using this method!

When do you typically redeem your credits ahead of a game?
At about 11am on a Saturday morning to allow everyone to make a last minute decision.

How do you see the rest of the season panning out for the team?
Whatever happens, John McGreal has done a great job this season and it’s brilliant to see so many of the Academy boys coming into their own.  It will be tight but this squad definitely has the quality to deliver a play-off place but I’m holding back on my final  predictions until I know if we’re going to lose key players in the transfer window.  

The other big factor is injuries which could be absolutely crucial and decisive.
So there are two big factors outside of McGreal’s control but if his squad remains intact and relatively injury free I think we can do it.


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